General Mouthpiece Info

Every trumpet player should know about some very good sources of mouthpiece information.

The GR mouthpiece website is an awesome trove of great info. Written by Gary Radke who REALLY knows it. He also makes awesome mouthpieces. I refer to his terminology as do most people now. He is the one who coined the phrase “alpha angle”.

The “alpha angle” refers to the area rim below the rim at the very top of the cup. A “low alpha angle” drops off steeply, kind of like straight down if it were extremely low. A “high alpha angle” goes down into the cup on more of a slant. "GR" is a registered trademark of GR Technologies, LLC

Also, the Monette mouthpiece site has equally good information.

Dave Monette makes great mouthpieces of course, and has a very good way of describing and explaining things.

It looks like James R. New has something like the old kanstul Mouthpiece comparator on his website. That is a real good tool. It doesnt have as many different profiles as it used yet but still very informative.

Trumpet Herald is a great forum for trumpeters to share info. LOTS of info on there is totally wrong, but hey, it’s a forum.