From Doug Meeuwsen upon my retirement:) Ive always wanted to compile this material. It's Piggy-backed onto my mouthpiece website for now

Mission Viejo High School audio recordings

This page is a repository of recordings we made during my time teaching at Mission Viejo High School (1999 to 2023). I taught a composition class which had some very talented individuals which you will notice if you listen to some of these. My guess is that page will be mainly of interest to former students who might not have copies of these recordings. I've included recordings by the composition class and the jazz ensemble and jazz projects. I havent included any recordings of the wind ensemble or orchestra as i never really set up any recording sessions for those groups even though some were very fine groups. Most those groups were recorded at festivals and such and the recording quality was basic.

The recordings here were recorded mainly by myself at school, although some students had gear at home and did good recordings on thier own. Over time, starting about 2011 or so it was easy to write pieces on software and get an idea of what the piece sounded like. I dont have many of those here becuase that way of working seemed to limit the quality and creativity and amount of output students could put out. Setting up a recroding session with live players and having everything ready to go made a recording session a real exiting event. In the early 2000's near the end of the school year i would be at school doing sessions until late every night for about the last month of school.

You might notice that i dont have anything from about 2006 to 2016! thats because we had something happen at school that fried four big hard drives with everything on them. There should be copies of those years floating around becuase all the students got a copy of the music from thier class. There were some large ensemble wind ensemble pieces and lot of singer/songwriter and electronic stuff that is missing. If someone still has  any or their pieces maybe we can fill in those years here. Contact me:)

Some of the really great people represented here include:

Adam Alesi, Adam Bravo, Scott Worthington, Jay Tibbets, Andrew Munsey, Maggie Daniec, Ruben Puebla, Phillip Triggs and many many more. It really is an amzing amount of excellent music to come from a regular old high school. I'm very proud of it, and it was fun recording it all. Maybe the most important thing about it is that some of the very best things were made by people had never thought of writing any music before they took my class.