All mouthpieces or mouthpiece work is without warranty except that it is a good faith effort to give the customer what they described.

Meeuwsen Custom Mouthpiece Prices 

Custom Mouthpiece Tops are $125

"already made" tops are $75.

Backbores $75

Mouthpiece "top" only copy $125 (threaded top)

Mouthpiece copy (one piece) my blank $200

Mouthpiece copy with exterior approximation $250

Rim alteration $50 (reshape rim to match other rim)

Cup alteration $50 (reshape cup to match other cup)

Simple Rim or cup alteration without matching $25

Rim cuttoff and thread (reeves, bach, giardinelli) $100

Backbore cuttoff and thread (warburton) $35

Top cuttoff and thread (threaded top) $35

Cut shank for sleeves $35

Backbore alteration $25

Throat alteration $15

Make Extra epoxy impression for copy work $25

Centering out-of-round mouthpieces in the machine to work on them...... $0 to $50. (nightmare scenario)

Prices include plating AND shipping

Trial policy: belive it or not when i had a trial policy it NEVER worked out for me. Without fail pieces were either damaged or never returned. Live and learn:)

"BRO" policy: I do have a "bro policy" which means that if I consider you a "bro" like someone i know, or respect, worship, or just feel sorry for, you might get a drastic discount, like free or rediculous. The "bro policy is never discussed, and you cant ask for it:)

Paypal is good, venmo, apple pay, and square cash

are all good ways to pay.

I would like to do all communication for ordering via Email. A fair amount of “back and forth” is normal when getting into a custom mouthpiece. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR SHIPPING INFO IN EVERY SINGLE EMAIL.
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contact me at lipshurt@mac.com

Here is my mobile number FOR TEXT PURPOSES. I have found that talking about pieces over the phone never is as good as writing.

. SI