What's new, Blanks, tools etc..

In the past I have had my blanks made by a couple different CNC shops. They made good blanks and I had no complaints but lateley I am making my own again. My new machine with digital readouts and tool memory knocks out a blank top or blank backbore in only a few minutes. My "heavy" top blank is the original shape and then I added the lightweight top. Honestly I like the lightweight top better for looks and sound now, so mainly i make the lightweight top. Its about the same weight as a bach or warburton top.

I can quickly make one piece blanks also and am trying some new blank shapes. My main one piece blank looks just like the lightweight top and backbore together. There is some difference to a one piece mouthpiece as opposed to a two piece, but its hard to quantify. I think the main thing is a one piece is easier to alter the throat size without worrying about compatibility etc.

I am experimenting with a heavy one piece blank to find a pleasant looking shape and the right amount of weight. One piece costs more because its more material, and the machine time is about the same as threading two parts.


I recently replaced my backbore reamers. I came up with a good simple accurate way of reverse engineering backbores and making new reamers. The new ones are modeled after the old ones with very minor improvements. The new ones are the same but "better" is an accurate description.